Saturday, May 9, 2009

My Antoine

Anthony Sloan
September 15, 1970 - May 7, 2009

I sit here this morning, two days after hearing the devastating news, trying to wrap my head around what happened....trying to understand why -- and feeling the loss of my best friend to such depths I didn't know even existed in my being. I've cried til you would think that there were no tears left, and then discover that there are plenty more. I take solace in being with our other very dear, close friends these last couple of nights as we sat around your table, grendel at our feet or lying outside your closed bedroom door, drinking gcb and feeling like you would walk into that room any second with one of your wry comments. I keep thinking about things said, promises made and......... remembering. I hear about all the lives of people you have touched -- so you! Not too many days ago, you talked about the sacrifices you had to make to live the "on the road" lifestyle so many envied. And no one really knew the stress, or the internal demons I knew you strove with. I cherish the time I have had with my best friend. Words cannot describe the hole this has left in my life -- this horrible, huge, gaping hole........

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