Friday, July 10, 2009

Buffalo Creek Trail Building Week-end!

Help COMBA build a new mountain bike trail on July 18th and 19th!

Because of the tremendous energy and enthusiasm our volunteers displayed on our first build weekend in May, we took a big first step towards building a new "black diamond" level mountain bike trail in the Buffalo Creek area of the Pike National Forest. On July 18th and 19th we will take the next step to creating a community built mountain bike trail with advanced features like drops, steep rollers, wall rides and other technical problems which utlize the unique local terrain found in Buffalo Creek. Alternate lines will be built around the advanced features to make the trail accessible to a wide audience of experienced mountain bikers.

Our July 18th-19th build weekend will focus on completely new terrain and features. We will move up the ridgeline where we will create our first significant drop and the accompanying singletrack route-around. Continuing our work uphill we will establish routes down significant sections of granite slickrock. For those excited about rock work, there will still be plenty of rocks to move, but overall we will be in quicker trail building territory on our July weekend.

This incredible opportunity to build a new advanced trail on public land is a product of over 12 years of effort, but the project will not succeed without your help.

Please join us as a volunteer or volunteer crew leader by RSVP'ing to our trail building weekend at:

For more information about this new trail please visit:

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