Sunday, August 9, 2009

Flowers and Ribbons - Crested Butte

Once again ... if you considered coming to Crested Butte for the weekend ... and you decided not to ... WELL ... you missed it ... and we missed you! The 401 Trail warrants a centerfold in Dirt Rag magazine! Wow. Wow. Wow.

(Excerpt taken from my own personal blog - I wanted to share with the group!).

Crested Butte - Colorado

Falling in love ... over and over.

How much can somebody love where they live? This state amazes me. Crested Butte is absolutely beautiful. This weekend was a "Dirt Diva" weekend.

We camped in the middle of no-where ... the new Honda Pilot went camping ... she got filthy ... she crossed streams ... she did some light 4x4ing ... and she's only 5 days old today!

The cows ... there were cows everywhere where we camped ... cow herds! They weren't fenced off. They were in the road ... in the streams ... in the woods. I kept thinking ... what a cool spot for a Chick-Fil-A commercial. They OWNED the place. We were awoken this morning at 6:45A.M. by a big head pushing/sniffing down the entire length of the tent. I thought it was a bear - FOR SURE - then there through the back window I see a BIG cow ass walking by ... she scared me to death! (Dear Lord, I'm afraid of cows now ... I need "cow mace" too).

The mountain biking was STELLAR. I'm thinking the 401 Trail is officially my 2nd favorite trail in Colorado (behind the Monarch Crest trail). The weather was PERFECT.

The road biking was sweet too. We biked from Crested Butte toward Gunnison. It was absolutely gorgeous.

Post-ride picnic was pretty sweet too.

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