Friday, May 7, 2010


Ok Ladies!

We are taking that giant leap of faith that the weather will begin to cooperate for our evening rides!  Moab and Fruita were spectacular and I don't know about all of you, but I'm jonesin to get on my bike and begin building up my ability to be able to actually BREATHE while pedaling my bike uphill!   :)

MONDAY, May 10th is our Road Ride for all of you who have been asking for this (and for those of you who haven't, but would like to just get out on a bike):

WHERE:  Meet at the Rooney Rd lot for Green Mtn at 5:30 pm   Wheels down at 5:45.

WHEN:   Monday, May 10th at 5:30 pm   Wheels down at 5:45.

WHAT:  Road Ride -- all levels, no drops.  Variable speed, variable miles (all dependent on all of you who ride).  Ride length can be anywhere from 12 miles to more if wanted.  See below for what to bring.

We will be riding from the N. Rooney Road lot and going up and over Dinosaur Ridge, dropping onto the road and then going up the Frontage Road up to Genessee.  We will come back down and with a couple of options for those who would like options:  1) hit Mother Cabrini Shrine 2) go into Red Rocks and climb up to the Amphitheater 3) Go back to the parking lot.  We can make this ride as short or as long as needed based upon weather and abilities.

WEDNESDAY, May 12th  SOCIAL MTB RIDE!  We'll start out easy for our first ride of the season!  Remember:  all levels, no drops!  For the faster more experienced rider, this will be a good training ride for the BetiBikeBash coming up in June!

WHERE:  Bear Creek Lake Park.  Meet at the dirt parking lot across from the Conoco Station at the corner of Morrison Rd/Rooney Rd.

WHEN:  Wednesday, May 12th at 5:30 pm.  Wheels down at 5:45 pm

WHAT:  MTB ride:  Please bring with:

*  water
*  energy bars/gels
*  appropriate clothing: rain/wind jkt, layers, gloves
*  WORKING bike
*  extra tube, patch kit, pump, levers
*  Positive attitude and a HUGE smile!  :)

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