Friday, January 23, 2009

Gettin it together!

For some reason it has been really hard for me to get this blog set up the way I would like to have it set up; but, I think finally I'm getting the hang of this! The slideshow is from our trips to Moab, Fruita/Grand Junction, Crested Butte and Buffalo Creek during the 2008 season. During 2009, we will be posting more of our pix from the rides that we do here on the Front Range and from our Destination Rides. Our race teams will also be sharing their experiences racing the Winter Park Series and the Mountain States Cup (hopefully with pix as well) plus we have an X-Terra racer (which is totally cool!). Also, this year we will have TWO teams racing the Winter Park Series - how freakin exciting is that!

Meanwhile, I have been working deligently in keeping our Facebook page updated and well as the new Blog and our website! We've been working on designing our new jerseys and now have a logo that is being made into decals! (read: schwag!) We are partnering with Optic Nerve sunglasses, Honey Stinger, Jett Clothing and a few others are in the process of being determined! As I figure out how to manage this blog thing, I will be adding links to our partners so that all of you can see for yourselves how amazing they are!

So, anyway -- sit down, listen to the music (I take requests) and watch the slideshow. Make any comments you feel like making. From time to time we will be putting short questsionnaires on here and will enjoy seeing your responses. Actually, we have one up right now, so scroll down and check it out! There may even be offers made available to you from our partners. This looks like it will be a very fun, in your face action, work on the trails, make new friends kind of year!

Wooooo -- I'm so excited!

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