Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Oh Baby -- it's COLD outside!

Hopefully, our beautifully warm weather for January will become our wonderfully warm weather for February! Last week was exceptional for mid-January and luckily, I was able to get out to excerise the legs with a few 30 mile road rides. mmmmm -- felt soooo good! Other than that, the Dirt Divas Leadership Team and myself have been working on ways in which to make the Dirt Divas more self-sustaining. This past year saw quite a bit of my own hard-earned cash making it into the running of our social riding club/group. So this new year heralds a few changes that, hopefully, will provide the Dirt Divas a little bit of ownership as a whole and the ability for this organizing thing to NOT come out of the pockets of one.

You will notice that a "donate" button has been added to this blog and to our website. We are hopeful that by people donating, it will defray some of the costs of managing our group and keep it fun! Not only do we have a donate button tied into a paypal account, we are making plans for a Dirt Divas Jersey Party! wooooo! Tentative plans are for mid to late February. Not only will all of you be able to decide on the jersey style/size you want and ultimately be putting a deposit down for the ordering of said jersey; we are hoping to have decals/stickers by then and maybe even have an unveiling of our new Dirt Divas after-ride T. Other plans are also in the hopper so if you get a call from someone from the Leadership Team, don't be surprised!

BEGIN MAKING PLANS for the annual SPRING MOAB trip. This will be the 3rd weekend in April -- the 17 - 19. We have some plans in the works for this trip so keep a heads-up so you won't miss out. We are currently working with Optic Nerve on special edition Dirt Divas sunglasses as well. Who ever said that being laid off means not doing anything but getting depressed, totally had no clue what its like to organize and promote a ladies mountain biking group and race team! I don't have enough hours in the day.....!!!! (I'm soo happy!) now, if only I could get paid....sigh!

Ya know, I'm seriously thinkin that if its only gonna snow enough to frustrate and keep me off my bike, that it should totally only snow in the high country OR friggin snow lots down here so that I can go snowshoeing locally! :)


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