Monday, February 9, 2009

Whew! New Job!

So, as many of you knew; I was laid off right before Christmas. Not only that, but the house I had been living in was foreclosed on. It just so happened that I was greeted by a Sheriff's deputy one fine morning on my way to work (before I was laid off) to tell me I had one week to find a place and move. Arggghh! All my stuff went into storage, then I got laid off and so I've been accepting the generosity of my best friend and her husband since a little before Christmas.

This past Thursday, February 5; I began working in Evergreen at the Bicycle Outfitters. They sell YETI!!! :) So everyone who has been waiting for me to find a way to sell them a Yeti -- I have done so. You can now purchase one from me -- legitimately! ;) However, as relieved and happy as I am to say that I am again gainfully employed, I am also trying to figure out how I can get the last few details hammered out with Optic Nerve, Honey Stingers, GCB, SingleTrack Factory, Bike Station, Jett Clothing, our T-shirt dude (hmmm...I think I'm forgetting one or two), so that we can go into our season knowing who is buttering are bread. I was hoping that I could have time to contact more possible partners/sponsors; but I'm not sure that will happen since the season (for bike shops anyway) is almost upon us!

So far, there are 3 volunteer bloggers who will be blogging as soon as I get them set up. PLUS, Carrie Meersman has volunteered to lead out the Triple training rides which helps me so much since I am not exactly in a position to take Saturdays off right now. :) There is still so much to do...... I am hoping to have our Jersey Party really soon. I am aiming for the 19th, but that may have to be pushed back since things I thought were definite are not so much. I will be letting everyone know about this as soon as possible! I DO know that we will be having beer that night! Golden City Brewery beer -- donated by GCB! After the Jersey Party, I will want to have the race team meeting again, just to finalize registrations and things of that sort.

Anyway, like I said, lots of things up in the air but just seconds from landing on the ground. Hopefully, not splatting... :)

Keep your eyes peeled. We'll be having more to say shortly!


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