Wednesday, April 1, 2009

This just in from Bicycle Colorado

Bicycle Safety Bill Keeps RollingExtra Step May Need Your Action...
Senate Bill 148, the Bicycle Safety Bill, passed another hurdle on Monday when it was approved by the Colorado House in a vote of 51 to 13. The bill now has 24 bipartisan co-sponsors out of 100 legislators!

Bicycle Colorado thanks everyone around the state who took time to make a call or send an email to their representative. Your efforts made a huge difference as this bill's chances looked dim under a well-funded attack from opponents. After considering amendments made in the House, the Senate on Wednesday sent the bill to a conference committee to work out the differences.
Our efforts defended against many opposition amendments in the House, but one puzzling amendment did pass. This amendment would prohibit bicyclists from passing each other on state highways with lanes less than 12 feet wide. Bicycle Colorado realizes this doesn't make sense and will continue to work with legislators to improve the bill for the Governor's signature.We respectfully ask bill supporters to be ready to weigh in one last time to change this confusing language. Because we often receive only one or two days' notice before a vote, be sure to sign up for eNews and special alerts. Together we can make positive changes to how bicyclists are treated on Colorado's roads.

Bicycle Safety Bill Information

Protections for Both Land and Bicycling
President Obama signed the Omnibus Public Lands Bill this week, providing protection for hundreds of thousands of acres in Colorado's backcountry.

As many of you know, formal Wilderness designation prohibits bicycle riding. Bicycle Colorado wants to ensure that the Wilderness designation is used wisely to protect delicate lands where bicycle riding is unlikely to occur. Wilderness works great within broader conservation and protection areas that allow bicycling.

The Public Lands Bill included a great example in Colorado of utilizing a two designations to protect more land than possible with a single designation. The newly created Dominquez-Escalante National Conservation Area includes the Dominquez Canyons Wilderness Area to keep more land pristine and ensure that quiet use recreation like bicycling may continue.

Thanks go to all the groups groups and individuals that worked on this bill for many years.

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