Saturday, April 4, 2009

Optic Nerve Sponsorship of the Dirt Divas!

The Dirt Divas are excited to announce that we have finalized our agreement with Optic Nerve!! That's right! Optic Nerve! You know -- the really cool, rad sunglasses/goggles manufacturer located right here in Denver!

So, this is the dealio:
  • ALL Dirt Divas get a 25% discount off of suggested Retail and FREE shipping.
  • 10% of every purchase comes back to the Divas to help support and fund the Divas organization!
  • There may be special Dirt Divas sunglasses coming out during the riding season...
  • Optic Nerve is putting together a package for giveaways at the Moab season opening.
  • We have been given a special "coupon code" that can be used by all Divas, their spouses and family all year long. That means you can purchase as many shades, or goggles that you want! :)

It's a friggin stellar deal!

What do we give back to Optic Nerve?

  • Each of you who is on FB will hopefully become a fan of Optic Nerve. The more that do that, the better! :)
  • We post pix of us beautiful ladies wearing the Optic Nerve shades doing our mtb activities. They will set up a photo album just for the Divas!
  • We will post to all of you, periodically, specials that Optic Nerve offers to their partners (us -- and others such as CoMotion, Yeti etc.)

To use the code:

  • Simply go online to (link is on our website and our blog, as well as on FB).
  • Select the shades that you want
  • Go thru the whole checkout procedure
  • At the end of the checkout procedure, you will be asked if you have a promocode.
  • promocode: (you MUST be a Dirt Diva, spouse, S.O. or family member to receive this code!) Please contact me at to become a member (uhhhh... you must be a female -- sorry dudes!)

That's all there is to it! It's simple. We get a great deal on some really rad shades PLUS it helps our organization. They get a little bit of FB support and advertising from us.

BTW -- Our t-shirt company supports us as well with $4.50 from every t- shirt sold coming back to us to help support our group.

These are excellent deals, plus they help us to keep this group going. What could be better??!! Please support our sponsors who, in turn, support us! DEAL? Totally!

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