Friday, May 22, 2009

A bit of Apex and Matthews/Winters!

We started out with 8 of us sessioning the technical aspects of Apex. We worked at getting up obstacles and learning that much of the stuff up there was, indeed, rideable. We worked through some rock fears, we encouraged each other and some of us would demonstrate to the others how it was done...uhhhh.....sorta. Unfortunately, we were working it so much and having such a great time that the pix just sorta never happened. ooops! However, we also tried working the downhill a bit. I do have a couple of pictures of that courtesy of Michelle, who just happened to be on the trail when we were finishing up.

So, then we went over to Matthews/Winters on Wednesday. Mostly a different crew of ladies, but not totally. We decided that maybe we would try to ride the Morrison Slide trail and for those who had the practice run on Apex, they were encouraged to try out some of their newly learned skills. Actually, everyone did awesome, although on the way back I believe one of our ladies lost her bike and then had to retrieve it from the gully in which it descended (without her, thankfully).

All in all, we had some really good times -- and just think, the season is just getting started! EXCELLENT!

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