Wednesday, May 20, 2009


As many of you know, I feel that it is important for us Divas to give back to our trails. An opportunity to do so is coming up on May 30 & 31st.

COMBA (Colorado Mtn Bike Association) in conjunction with the US Forest Service, the Front Range Mtn Bike Patrol and IMBA are sponsoring several trail work weekends to be held over the summer. The first of these weekends is the last weekend in May. The purspose of these weekends is to "create a sustainable designed for mountain bike trail with advanced features" in Buffalo Creek.

I am really excited to promote these trail days and would like to point all of you to website to check out the details. After reading the info, please become involved and click on the link to rsvp. It would be so awesome if we Divas came en masse! :) Also, note that you do not have to attend on both days. I, personally, will be attending on the 31st since I have to work on the 30th. Altho it will be hard work -- it will totally be lots of fun as well!

Hope to see a bunch of us there!

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