Saturday, June 13, 2009

Between the Drops...

I look out the window and wonder, "When is this rain going to stop?" It's not a matter of wishing that it wouldn't rain... well, yeah, it sorta is. I want to ride my bike! I want my group ride to be fun and I don't want the ladies calling concerned about trails and rain and what to do if.... I mean, I WANT them calling, it's just that I wish the weather would cooperate and that the calls had to do with actually riding rather than all of us trying to figure out what the weather might do! grrrrr...silly weather!

However, I decided to go forward with the ride scheduled to be at Mt. Falcon. As I left Golden, it was pouring rain. ugh! But after leading rides for 4 years now, I've learned that it could be raining where ever I am but not raining where ever I'm going. Sure enough, I pull into the Mt Falcon parking area and criminey --- no rain! whoop! Unfortunately, lots of the gals had called before the ride and had totally bailed. To my relief, lots of gals also showed up to ride anyway.

This ride was a long climb and a good workout! The sunshine came out shortly after we started and stayed out for most of the ride. Arm warmers, jackets and whatever other warmer weather clothing was stripped off. ahhhh.... sunshine. But it was still so comfortable. Not hot with blinding sun, but warm with a bit of humidity. By the time we were ready to do the downhill, things were getting a bit cool. Arm warmers, et al were back on. As always, the downhill makes the climb all worth it!

As I stopped to hang out with one of the gals that joined us for the ride this evening, I was struck by the beauty of the rain droplets on the tree leaves beside the trail. The sun was shining just so.....

It was an incredible ride! We were rewarded for our steadfastness by not only being able to complete the full ride, but being able to chat a bit before the next storm hit! ahhhhh...... Colorado weather. Ya gotta love it!

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