Friday, June 5, 2009

Evergreen Mountain and a bit of Beauty at Apex

We started our ride with a sighting of deer in the meadow. It was cool, misty and just a bit cloudy; but the trails were just that perfect mix of tacky....

We got to my favorite lookout point and saw this most tantilizing view of snow dusted mountain peaks and a clearing sky as the mist gave the view an almost magical quality.

And, of course, being of female persuasion, we chatted. Albeit, I have to admit that this Diva was feeling just a tad bit elated that she actually lead the climb without someone needing to pass her cause she was going too slow (remember, I'm the designated sweep)! However, the downhill was justifiably fast and amazing although for some reason I was all out in front by my lonesome!!
So, the next day warranted a trip to Apex. The day was promising to be rather cool (or so I had hoped) and misty. I dressed accordingly. Unfortunately, Mother Nature decided to change her mind and the day was nice, sunny and a tad bit warm for the warm, misty weather protection I was wearing. Why is it that I always advise others to layer but I never seem to heed my own sage advice! ??!

Went up Pick n Sledge and was greeted by this view of Green Mountain in the mid-day sun. Green. Lushious. Misty. Gorgeous. And, this is June. Have we been transported to the Emerald Isles?

Watched a beautiful black and white butterfly play in the dirt.....

And, in general, marveled at the elephant ears I found at the side of the trail among all the other green foliage. I have to admit, though, that I don't recall seeing elephant ears residing on this side of Apex -- could be wrong, but I honestly don't recall this phenomenum. I did, however, make note of all the poison ivy that seems to be growing prolifically along the trail as well!
See ya chicas on Apex Monday evening, June 8, for a little bit of sessioning and honing of some skillz. Meet at the lower lot, 5:30 pm. Oh yeah, if you have pads, you might want to bring 'em!

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