Monday, December 14, 2009


The Holidays are almost upon us! I cannot believe that this year is almost over and a new one will soon be ushered in! 2010 here we come! woohoo!

Along with a new year, the Dirt Divas will be undergoing a few changes for this new year of 2010! Divas will need VOLUNTEERS and will be announcing the needs soon, so be thinking about things you may want to consider!

Let me outline a few of these changes that will be occurring in the 2010 ride season:

  • Dirt Divas will soon be a NON-PROFIT organization. The new Leadership Team has voted to begin the process and most of these ladies will be the first Directors of the Board!  We have finally written up our Articles of Incorporation, which will be ratified, signed and filed in January, 2010!  Work will then be aimed toward writing the Corporate By-Laws, grant acquisition, sponsor acquisition, etc.
  • Dirt Divas will be charging a yearly "membership dues". There will be perks for becoming a member of the Divas -- special discounts and services that only those who are members can receive.  However, for those who DO NOT WANT or NEED discounts or services for their biking needs and only want to catch the local social rides -- these social rides will continue free to all who would like to participate.
  • Road Rides are being added. Jarmila Gorman, an accomplished roadie and instructor (Race Across America participant, spin class instructor and Trainer, etc) will be leading our social road rides on Mondays.  As always, our rides are ALL LEVELS -- NO DROPS!
  • Our mountain bike rides will continue on Wednesdays. We will add "ride leaders" especially for those who are just getting into the sport of mountain biking or who like to ride at an easier pace without attention to a lot of technical.  The faster, more technical, ladies will also be able to join us this year and "hit the trails" with those who like to ride that way.  For those who are moderate climbers and love the downhill -- we'll have ride leaders for you too!  ALL of us will be able to ride together at our own paces and still have that sense of community and fun!
  • Dirt Divas will again have their JERSEY PARTY the end of February/1st part of March.  This year, we are hoping to change things up for those of you who have requested such changes!  We are looking at a local company for jerseys in 2010 whose "sizing" will be more "American" and more female specific, as well as changing the color of the jersey!  We are investigating adding the following items for special order:    
  1.  "roadie" lycra shorts -- custom
  2.  custom arm/knee/leg warmers
  3.  long-sleeved jersey or jacket
  4.  logo socks
  5.  logo hoodie
  6.  revamped Divas t-shirt in different styles and colors
  7.  JettMTB mountain biking shorts with our logo embroidered on them.  (Sizing is now based on The Gap fit chart: 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 12)
  • Dirt Divas Race Team will be coordinated and managed differently in 2010 (read "better").
  • Trail Building/maintenance opportunities through COMBA, IMBA and other associations devoted to this.
  • Possible Divas chapter starting up in Durango -- which opens all sorts of possibilities there as well!

And these are just a few of the exciting new changes we are anticipating for the new year!  We are excited about how we are growing and what we can offer our ladies who just love to get their ride on!

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